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The decentralized Uniswap v3 exchange becomes "warped" on StarkNet

Ethereum development company Nethermind announced that it has "transported and compiled" the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap v3 into "Warp", a project designed to allow Ethereum users to trade tokens on the Ethereum level 2 network. Ethereum, more scalable, StarkNet.

The milestone was announced by team leader Jorik Schellekens in a statement on 1 October. 9 Average position.

Nethermind describes Warp as a "Solidity to Cairo Transpiler," allowing Ethereum-based projects written in Solidity to transfer their code base to StarkNet, allowing them to capitalize on cheaper fees. Transcription is the process of acquiring source code written in one programming language and transforming it into another language with a similar level of abstraction.

In this case, Warp transposes the Solidity code into Cairo, the programming language used to write applications on StarkNet. The Warp plug-in is still technically under development according to Schellekens, but added that Nethermind will soon have "the entire Uniswap test suite running on a Uniswap implementation distributed by StarkNet".

The milestone came after StarkNet's new ability to "create contracts from other contracts", which is what allowed Warp to successfully transpose and distribute all Solidity files from Uniswap v3.

Schellekens noted the importance of this feat given the huge size of Uniswap's code base, allowing projects of all sizes to access StarkNet:

“As Warp matures rapidly, the barrier to entry for projects large and small to test StarkNet's capabilities is lowering.

But Warp's translation of Solidity in Cairo wasn't perfect. Warp's GitHub shows that there are still a number of Solidity features that the Nethermind developers haven't figured out how to add to Cairo, while some other key features will require "developer intervention" or "probably never be supported".

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Nethermind said they intend to further enhance Warp's capabilities to bring more Ethereum-based projects to StarkNet:

We will continue to work hard on the features and repeat this experiment with a few other protocols, bringing new protocols to StarkNet at a rapid pace. StarkWare, the company behind StarkNet, partnered with Nethermind in July 2021 to help build advanced functionality and infrastructure elements for StarkNet.

Nethermind and Warp are not affiliated with DEX Uniswap.

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