re: Do you use the 🤔 reaction on dev.to seriously? VIEW POST


Hahahaha I definitely feel you Hrishi when I see folks react with that emoji. Perhaps because it is ambiguous it is easier to misinterpret the emoji as negative? When I see the set of reaction emojis as a whole, I'm like oh maybe it ain't bad. But definitely when I see it in my feed, I'm like hmmm are they doubting what I wrote?

I'm not sure if ambiguity was intentional but if it wasn't, perhaps if the devs of dev.to would add a title property to the button so that it's more clear that it is a thinking button or something like "made me think"? It wasn't until I looked at the source that I actually realized that's what the meaning behind that reaction is called.

Also kind of funny that the class name is "article-reaction-butt" for those buttons. Shorthand I'm sure but made me chuckle.

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