re: What's the difference between a pane, buffer and tab in Vim and how should they be used in one's workflow? VIEW POST

re: Yep, is a maintained fork.

Cool, thanks, will look into it. I take it you use this versus something like NerdTree?

Yeah, I don't use NerdTree. I prefer to hold the structure of my project's files in my head, and just type what I want. I occasionally use netrw (vim's builtin NerdTree equivalent) to browse file trees, but more often just use the Finder.

Nice, yeah I've been using NerdTree but thinking of removing it. Since the use of NerdTree was to replicate my experience in Atom. But I'm finding the workflow to be a little slow.

Are you using NerdTree to navigate between files? Yeah, give ctrlp a try and see if it feels faster.

Yup, that's right. It's for file navigation. Vim isn't my first choice for text editing but always looking to improve my workflow when I do.

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