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re: Is there a better alternative to lorem ipsum for placeholder copy? VIEW POST

re: As outlined on, the primary reason lorem ipsum is used is because of the more normal distribution of letters, making the page look bett...

@12vanblart , thanks for sharing. The funny thing is, I've used that page before and have never taken the time to read the little blurb about the history of lorem ipsum. Thanks for reminding me to slow down and learn about its purpose.

Not really a push back from a client, it was more of a question that I had. I really do like your take on asking them for sample copy to use on the page. I was just curious if there was some standard for helping the client see something that is more in line with their branding. But I guess lorem is a good starter to block in layout and placement.


I actually worked with a guy once who just used the blurb from the homepage rather than using the actual lipsum text 😂

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