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Thanks @martingbrown @twistacz @chiangs for bringing this up. Really hadn't thought about it in that way. Always was an aesthetic thing for me vs. the legal implications.

From what I've gathered here and here it seems ya'll are right in that copyright should be for the year in which the body of work was created.

Copyright seems to be automatically implied at the time of creation of said work. But it seems to take any legal action, copyright should be registered with the US Copyright Office first.

Since copyright is implied it seems some folks leave it off altogether.

Another solution seems to be to have a range of years for the copyright. So for example if site was first published in 1990, I've seen Copyright © 1990 - 2018.

I'm actually not sure how to take this article now. Would love to update it to be better informative to the community, but unsure what to suggest. Is there a common method of how to handle copyright information for a website? What do ya'll think?

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