Writing a searchable “database” with pure HTML, CSS, and JS

Micah Lindley on August 23, 2019

This is how I created https://micahlt.github.io/renart/. About a week ago, I found myself in a difficult situation at school. I had an AP Europ... [Read Full]
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Cool wee project! I would recommend using json to store and load data, that way its maybe a bit easier to handle. You could use a tool like Firebase with used a Realtime JSON Database. Very easy to setup and use if you dont like SQL


Cool! Yeah, this is just a small project that I didn’t want to spend much time on. I probably could use Firebase if this were to become a larger project. The longer the HTML document, the longer the load time is and that’s not UX-friendly. So Firebase is a good option. :)


This is really cool project and interesting to see how you went about making a dB without SQL.
However I do suggest you learn SQL and convert this project to an SQL version so it can handle growth, like you said there should be a dB with this kind of info! Also SQL is pretty easy to learn the basics :)


It is easy to learn (and I actually know a little tiny bit) but I wanted to see if I could do it with just HTML, CSS, and JS. :)


Well you did it! Nice job!
Bonus points: get it working as fast as an SQL version xD


GREAT! Now I can use this for my AP Euro exam too! 😁👍


Lol! Feel free to check it out, and if you want to add some art yourself, make a pull request on GitHub and I’ll merge it! Good luck on your exam! :)


I'll add some more things when I need to....

Great job BTW👍

Also, art.html isn't really a template for making a different database....

It wasn’t really meant to be a template- it’s mean to be the website! 😄 I just meant that it can be used as a template if you change some things (such as the width and number of columns).


please consider creating a gist on GitHub and link it here so reading the code is pleasure.


Okay! I’ve never posted on Dev before, so I wasn’t sure how this worked. 😀


welcome to the community, I hope my comment wasn't harsh, I thought you would love gist feature of GitHub and how it looks when posted at other places. I am new as well so 🙄🙄, I don't know.

Oh, you're fine! I know about Gist; I just didn't get around to creating one for this project. 😊

You don't need to create one for the article. Use three back ticks (`) instead of one at the beginning and end of your code, then it will be formatted as a block instead of inline, and it will look much nicer :)

Really? Nice; I’m not very familiar with Markdown.


Check out tiddlywiki.com (open source) that is also HTML/js/css and a single, stand-alone file but lets you create a lightweight wiki directly in your browser with incredibly flexible macros and filtering functions!


JSON is... complicated to work with. And HTML5 web storage is only for the local user. The goal of this project was to have a standing, unchangeable database.


This is a good read. Absolutely loved it! Well done.


Thanks! That’s really encouraging, because this is my first post.


I recently visited your project and I think you have done a good effort
I also opened a pull request in order to make it more good
I hope you like it

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