Writing a searchable “database” with pure HTML, CSS, and JS

Micah Lindley on August 23, 2019

This is how I created https://micahlt.github.io/renart/. About a week ago, I found myself in a difficult situation at school. I had an AP Europ... [Read Full]
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Cool wee project! I would recommend using json to store and load data, that way its maybe a bit easier to handle. You could use a tool like Firebase with used a Realtime JSON Database. Very easy to setup and use if you dont like SQL


Cool! Yeah, this is just a small project that I didn’t want to spend much time on. I probably could use Firebase if this were to become a larger project. The longer the HTML document, the longer the load time is and that’s not UX-friendly. So Firebase is a good option. :)


This is really cool project and interesting to see how you went about making a dB without SQL.
However I do suggest you learn SQL and convert this project to an SQL version so it can handle growth, like you said there should be a dB with this kind of info! Also SQL is pretty easy to learn the basics :)


It is easy to learn (and I actually know a little tiny bit) but I wanted to see if I could do it with just HTML, CSS, and JS. :)


Well you did it! Nice job!
Bonus points: get it working as fast as an SQL version xD


GREAT! Now I can use this for my AP Euro exam too! 😁👍


Lol! Feel free to check it out, and if you want to add some art yourself, make a pull request on GitHub and I’ll merge it! Good luck on your exam! :)


I'll add some more things when I need to....

Great job BTW👍

Also, art.html isn't really a template for making a different database....

It wasn’t really meant to be a template- it’s mean to be the website! 😄 I just meant that it can be used as a template if you change some things (such as the width and number of columns).


Check out tiddlywiki.com (open source) that is also HTML/js/css and a single, stand-alone file but lets you create a lightweight wiki directly in your browser with incredibly flexible macros and filtering functions!


please consider creating a gist on GitHub and link it here so reading the code is pleasure.


Okay! I’ve never posted on Dev before, so I wasn’t sure how this worked. 😀


welcome to the community, I hope my comment wasn't harsh, I thought you would love gist feature of GitHub and how it looks when posted at other places. I am new as well so 🙄🙄, I don't know.

Oh, you're fine! I know about Gist; I just didn't get around to creating one for this project. 😊

You don't need to create one for the article. Use three back ticks (`) instead of one at the beginning and end of your code, then it will be formatted as a block instead of inline, and it will look much nicer :)

Really? Nice; I’m not very familiar with Markdown.


JSON is... complicated to work with. And HTML5 web storage is only for the local user. The goal of this project was to have a standing, unchangeable database.


Interesting... I’ll look into that. Pretty cool!


This is a good read. Absolutely loved it! Well done.


Thanks! That’s really encouraging, because this is my first post.


I recently visited your project and I think you have done a good effort
I also opened a pull request in order to make it more good
I hope you like it

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