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Introducing the Debug Challenge

micahlt profile image Micah Lindley ・1 min read

Introducing the Debug Challenge! From now on, every week I’ll be posting a product, code snippet, or GitHub repository that has an issue. Your job? Debug it and get it up-and-running! How does it work?

When I post the challenge, I’ll tell you what’s not working, and you can check it out. You can research (or find code on Stack Overflow) or just use your current knowledge to solve the problem. Before the week is over, comment on the challenge post. The winning solution will need an explanation of what went wrong, how you found the solution, and what the solution is. When the next challenge rolls around, the winner will be announced at the top of the post!

The first Debug Challenge will begin this Sunday, so hone up your skills, devs! Good luck!


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Tobias SN

That’s a cool idea!

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micahlt profile image
Micah Lindley Author

One day! Prepare for the challenge! However, remember that the first challenge will be easy and they’ll get increasingly more complicated over the month.