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Mohammad Hossein Rastegarinia
Mohammad Hossein Rastegarinia

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Entering into the Multiverse of Blazor with Bit Platform templates

Looking for a solution to create both Web and App projects in a single shared codebase? Look no further than Bit Platform's templates!

Bit Platform's TodoTemplate is a comprehensive solution that utilizes ASP.NET Core, Identity, Web API, and EF Core for the server-side, and Blazor for the client-side. With this powerful combination, you can build a wide variety of applications from a single codebase, including:

Blazor Modes

  • Blazor Server: Ideal for fast development and debugging
  • Blazor WebAssembly: Perfect for SPA and PWA (for production)
  • Blazor Hybrid: Provides Android, iOS, Mac Catalyst, Tizen, and WinUI apps with full access to platform native features using .NET MAUI!
  • Blazor Electron: Provides WPF, macOS Cocoa, and Linux apps with full access to platform native features using Electron.NET!


With pre-configured options for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux apps, as well as PWA (for offline-capable web apps) and SPA with/without pre-rendering, Bit Platform's templates offer unparalleled flexibility and startup speed. These templates also utilize Bit Blazor UI components, which are fast, lightweight (less than 200KB), and perfect for building even complex applications like e-commerce sites.


Bit Platform has already developed and published several websites and apps using these templates, including:


In addition to offering a convenient and streamlined development process, Bit Platform's TodoTemplate also comes with excellent documentation and support. Their team of experts is always ready to answer questions and provide guidance, making it easy for developers of all levels to use their platform effectively.

Don't let the complexity of building web and app projects separately hold you back. Try Bit Platform's templates and start building your next project today!

You can also find more information about Bit Platform's TodoTemplate at and components at

Happy coding ;D

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Saleh Yusefnejad

great, short and to the point.
nice job MH jaan 👍

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Mohammad Hossein Rastegarinia

Thank you dear Saleh ❤️