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Ideas for Next Iteration

Coffee, cake, music, and a tech magazine.

Last October 2020, I wrote down these ideas after reading a special edition magazine called 'Frontend Spezial' of the series 'Der Softwerker', by the company codecentric AG.

These improvement ideas are related to the projects assigned to me at my work.

In the 4 sticky notes as seen in the picture above:


  1. Display a progress bar.
  2. Do analysis: measure the time elapsed between each request and response.
  3. Test using different mobile devices: cellphones and tablets.
  4. Use a common design instead of dependending on a common module.
  5. Cypress: a JavaScript End-to-End testing framework.


  1. Separate the component into two new components: one to handle the work loads from the inside of the organization, and another for the outside.
  2. Containerization: either on-premises or on the cloud. To read about the pros & cons:

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