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Can’t say I have but... working in a seemingly heartless online casino, hiding the gambling problem behind gamification; it just didn’t work out for me.

I understand the business. It is brutal, everyone and his/her grandmother is trying to rip you off and find exploits. You slowly build a company culture with hearts of stone. It was the most fun I have had for some time but eventually the ethics caught up with me and I had to leave the company.

It is still a really awesome company. Super forward thinking, amazing people but I just couldn’t motivate myself after a while.


Same thing happened to me with Army-related work, luckily it was just an internship.


I feel you on that.

After a while certain industries just kind of get to you. I could totally see designing online casino games as something that would wear on my guilt despite working with nice folks at a cool company. Cool that you pulled yourself outta there though; it's tough to leave a place when things are (mostly) going good!

Great example and appreciate you sharing that - it's definitely not easy talking about these sorts of things!

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