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How to add CSS class in Ruby on rails form elements

This post is just a mere attempt to log-in what I have learnt about Ruby on rails Form and is not a tutorial but I know this will help those who have just began to learn Rails.

I started to building project using bootstrap and ruby on rails and meet some problem.

I wanted to use form-control class in the input tag to style it, but it didn't work.
So I did a Google search and found the results, but it took me a while.

The reason I want to write this article is because I don't want other people like me to waste their time.

You can add class using following codes

<% form.password_field(:account, class: "form-control") %>

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You can add other attributes to this field.

<% form.password_field(:account, class: "form-control" , data:"dsfsdfsdf") %>

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If this article help you I will be happy

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