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Discussion on: How to Streamline Your Job Search as a Developer

mgan59 profile image
Morgan Craft

Good advice here, and much of it I recommend to others when I give advice about job-searching.

Resumes are good for the folks that ask for them. But I do think people undervalue their Linkedin profiles. As a hiring manager, I start with your Linkedin and not your resume usually. In-fact I probably have your Linkedin profile open while I'm interviewing you. So it is important that your Linkedin acts as a landing-zone for me to get additional information about you. And link to your github from it :)

theoboldalex profile image
Alex Theobold

What about people that don't use Linkedin?

I gave this some considerable thought during my last job search as I used to maintain a high quality Linkedin profile but closed my account (along with all other "social media" accounts) a couple of years back. As a hiring manager, would it put you off a candidate if that person had made the decision to not sign up for an account with a specific platform, such as Linkedin?

I'm genuinely curious about this from the perspective of others as, in my opinion, making a choice to not use the services of a certain company (there may be many personal reasons why someone may not want to use a company's services i.e. privacy concerns, social media addiction, harassment etc...) seems on the one hand, almost discriminatory but also leaves the door open for employers to potentially miss out on some of the highest quality candidates.

niclake profile image
Nic Lake Author

While I'm not a hiring manager, I have been looped in on hiring people in the past.

LinkedIn is a tool, nothing more. By using the tool, you're going to broaden your visibility and your potential company/job pool. Like any social network, there are both pros and cons to utilizing it. For me, I will network with my peers, but I never use the service except when I am job searching.

If you have recruiters you can work with directly, awesome. If you are comfortable going old-school and applying for jobs directly, awesome. If you are ok with knowing that you're putting yourself at a disadvantage in some way by not using that tool, awesome. I totally understand protecting your digital privacy, and wouldn't dock you points for doing so - I'd just be concerned that your app may not make it onto my desk, is all.

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theoboldalex profile image
Alex Theobold

This is a really fair and balanced take, so thank you. You actually sum up really succinctly, the considerations I had before deleting my Linkedin. I think you are totally right that I may be putting myself at a disadvantage and that my application may never find its way to the right people but I suppose it is a personal decision that involves trade offs and compromise.

Ultimately, by stepping outside of the loop as it were, I have to make myself so hireable that I cannot be ignored and I believe that there are better ways (for me) to do that than through Linkedin.