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If you're a developer and care about code quality, here are some tips for you

Ever had that nagging feeling when looking at someone else's code, realizing they missed some basic concepts? To sidestep that, when you're coding, make sure you're following these principles:

💻 Readable Code: Write so that your peers can easily understand. Remember: we often spend more time reading code than writing it. Don't be the one who confuses everyone.

⏱ Variable and Function Naming: Pick clear and descriptive names. If a variable signifies a duration, "duration" is way clearer than just "d". Steer clear of ambiguity.

🙅🏾‍♂️ Small and Focused Functions: Keep your functions short with a single purpose. They'll be more comprehensible, easy to test, and reusable.

Regarding function arguments, less truly is more. Ideally, go without; but when necessary, cap it at three. No one's a fan of convoluted functions, but yes, there are always exceptions.

Steer clear of functions with unpredictable side effects. A function should deliver exactly what it promises.

On the topic of classes, adhere to the single responsibility principle. It'll save you headaches down the road.

Avoid unnecessary comments. Your code should speak for itself. If you're explaining too much in comments, you might need to rethink something.

Proper error handling is a must. Stay true to best practices and avoid vague returns. Your team will be grateful.

Leaving behind dead (unused) code? It's akin to a messy room. Keep your coding space neat.

✅ Uniform formatting is akin to maintaining a professional demeanor, much like adhering to a dress code.

Never doubt that the caliber of your code mirrors your prowess as a developer. Stand tall, champion quality, and let your professionalism shine through.

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