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Discussion on: 27 Web Development Terms You Should Absolutely Know About

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2 An API is not a toolkit, just a collection of methods to access an application.

Method in this context is not the OOP term for methods of objects, but means any method, i.e. could be an HTTP call, invoking a function exported by a Windows dll or an RPC call. Applications can be both remote and local and this is important to mention because some people think APIs are for remote web servers only.
"a set of tools, a toolbox which is built by other developers and ready for use" is an SDK (Software Development Kit), although sometimes framework term is also used in this context.

6 Web API can also refer to APIs available through web (i.e. HTTP) and I have a feeling that this meaning is more common.

7 ECMAScript is not an official or alternative name for JavaScript but a standard. JavaScript is only one of the implementations of this standard, even if there are no other notable implementations left.

12 Is node.js used on client side at all?

14 I wouldn't treat web server and web service terms the same. Web servers are typically serving web pages for humans, web services are typically providing services for other services or applications through web. Any service is typically for machine use.

16 JSON can be used in any data interchange, is not limited to web applications or web in general.

17 REST API is definitely not limited to exposing data, it is widely used to execute commands and create data too. Although in many cases there is a database in the background it is not correct to state that a REST API is for interacting with a database.

A REST or RESTful API is an arbitrary API with very specific requirements like has to be stateless. Unfortunately many developers are too ignorant to look up the definition and call any HTTP API REST and this sometimes leads to confusion.

18 Your definition is a very limiting subset of what a transpiler is: a tool what transforms source code to source code in another programming language (translating compiler). A typical example is TypeScript compiler (tsc) what takes TS source code as input and outputs javascript source code, despite being called compiler. The input and output languages and versions are irrelevant, in fact many transpilers can consume and produce different versions of the same language.

19 RFC is a must mention term.

21 Like others mentioned it should be pointed out that vanilla means light, basic in programming terms.

22 XHR is a must mention here.

24 Isn't really the browser what gives permission but the web server and the browser blocks or restricts access based on permissions acquired from the server.

25 Since websocket support has become almost omnipresent it is used in any scenario where server side notifications have to be sent to clients (push notifications) because polling is rather expensive. I.e. Gmail and other web email clients use websocket despite not doing chat or real time.

26 With the rise of Web SQL SQL is no longer a server side language. NoSQL is a must mention on this topic, especially since we have IndexedDB in browsers.

27 GraphQL is a query language but is nothing like SQL. It is in fact somewhat similar to NoSQL what itself is very different to SQL.

You are very enthusiastic what is not a bad thing except when is not backed by proper knowledge. It would also help to ask someone to proofread before publishing, both linguistically and technically. Would be nice (technically mandatory) to provide the source for your quotes, i.e. a link to original. Examples help too. Links to relevant definitions, articles add lot of value.

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Valentino Gagliardi Author

I appreciate your notes and I adjusted the post a bit. But don't assume anything about me just because here I used some definitions loosely, on purpose.

It's true that we ought to be rigorous when teaching stuff to beginners, but I don't think people is "ignorant" like you said.