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Discussion on: Issues with VSCODE License — You should worry

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What's the problem with telemetry? Without it most of the products, including websites would be full of useless features.

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Okezie E • Edited

Nothing at all, telemetry for guiding the direction of a product is great.

Why is it closed source? And what else is in the code? What stops other "actions" from being added to this telemetry codebase??

I can't be bothered to wonder about all that when there is a perfect alternative in vscodium.

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So vscode source gets updated with bug fixes found by telemetry in vscode, then vscodium gets the code fixes? That's great as a free rider approach, but if the telemetry and fixes weren't there vscodium would suffer.

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Jeremy Forsythe

Telemetry stuff is closed source so you don't see how they send the data back to their servers. It doesn't necessarily mean something nefarious. You use closed source every day. It isn't inherently bad.

That said, Microsoft has given enough reasons to mistrust them over the years that the paranoia is understandable.