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Genesis of a Framework: Unveiling the Meteor Story

Given Meteor has been around for almost 11 years now, I think it's important to document its early beginnings and origin for the future generation of developers and there's no one better to tell us about Meteor than one of its original creators -- Geoff Schmidt!

What made me feel that this is even more important to document is the scarcity of information about Meteor initial stages illustrated by this forum thread that has resurfaced during categorization of old threads.


I've come to know about many fascinating stories of Meteor's inception through Geof Schmidt old Quora account and today I'd like to share some of the best stories about Meteor's first years.

Table of contents:
- How Meteor creators met
- Differences between Meteor and Luna
- Other possible Meteor names
- Meteor pros in the eyes of its creators
- Meteor original website design
- Conclusion

How Meteor creators met

How a little talk during a holiday party followed by a visit and an email later led to the recruitment of David Greenspan (Etherpad creator).

Differences between Meteor and Luna

Probably the most intriguing fact about Meteor is that it's based on another Framework called "Luna" used at Asana and how Meteor inverts the same principle.

Other possible Meteor names

Ever wondered why Meteor creators chose such a name? Did you now that Polymer was one of the potential names?

Meteor pros in the eyes of its creators

You can ask any hardcore developer on the official Meteor forums about why you should go with Meteor and you'd get a pretty solid answer but it's always interesting to me to know what the original creators liked about Meteor and what type of problems were they attempting to solve.

Meteor original website design

Lastly, there's no better way to part ways but to share little trivia about the original Meteor website design.


Congratulations, now you're a bit closer to understanding the awesomeness of Meteor and its lore. Hopefully

About me 👋

I'm a long time Meteor enthusiast and all around fan who likes to spread the word about Meteor and recently I had been accepted into Github sponsors program which I'd appreciate if you can donate to, thanks!

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