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Galaxy Meets Monti APM - Build Fast and Error-Free Meteor Apps

For developers immersed in MeteorJS, the story of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools reflects innovation, change, and growth led by the community.

Table of contents:

A Quick Look Back

A key moment in this story was when Arunoda created Kadira, the first APM made just for Meteor. This was a big deal because it helped developers find and fix slow parts in their Meteor apps. Seeing its importance, when Kadira APM was shut down, MDG bought Kadira APM, renaming it Meteor APM and integrating it into Galaxy. They also made the Kadira APM code available to everyone. This move gave developers deep insights into their apps, covering everything from methods and publications to the complete lifecycle, significantly improving the Meteor ecosystem.

Launch Week - Day 4

We're excited to announce the transition from Meteor APM to Monti APM, aiming to provide our developers with even more powerful tools. This change comes as part of our commitment to continuously enhance the development experience within the MeteorJS ecosystem.

Why transitioning from Meteor APM to Monti APM?

Over the past few years, Meteor APM has seen a period of stability rather than rapid evolution in terms of new features. Meteor APM continues to serve as a crucial tool for developers in monitoring and diagnosing performance issues within their Meteor applications. We have focused on maintaining the reliability and functionality of Meteor APM, ensuring that it remains operational and continues to provide value to the community. This work is crucial, as it ensures that existing features remain useful and that the tool keeps pace with the latest Meteor framework updates.

However, in terms of introducing new features and capabilities, we couldn’t make significant advancements. While maintaining Meteor APM is vital for existing users to ensure stability and reliability, the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of software development demands continuous innovation to address new performance monitoring challenges and opportunities.

In contrast, Monti APM has taken a path of active development and feature expansion.

Enter Monti APM

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Monti APM, picking up where Kadira APM left off, has continued to deliver that same level of insight and support but with added features and enhancements. Led by Micaiah (aka Zodern), Monti APM is dedicated to providing an APM solution that’s finely tuned for the needs of today’s Meteor applications.

Monti APM has emerged as a robust alternative by adding an array of new features and improvements tailored to modern development practices. Some of the notable features include:

  • CPU Profiling: Dive into your app’s CPU usage to find and fix heavy-load functions, making your app run smoother and faster.
  • Error Insights: Get a clearer picture of errors, spotting trends and issues that need your attention to boost your app’s quality.
  • Custom Alerts: Stay on top of potential problems with alerts tailored to specific metrics. Use Slack notifications and Webhooks for real-time updates.
  • System Dashboard: A comprehensive view of your Node.js servers, offering an inside look at what’s happening under the hood.
  • API: Access collected data through a GraphQL API for custom dashboards, integrations, or unique data exploration.

Learn more about how to use these features by visiting Monti APM’s documentation.

Transitioning to Monti APM

Our team is working to promote a smooth switch from Meteor APM to Monti APM. This change shows our dedication to giving Meteor developers the best tools out there.

How do you get access?

When the feature is ready, hopefully, by the end of this month, we'll let everyone know through email and social media. Just like now, if you have the Professional plan, you can use Meteor APM; you'll also be able to use Monti APM. The setup will be easy, and you can manage your app with Monti APM by clicking a link in Galaxy 2.0.

Moving to Monti APM isn't just an upgrade; it's a step forward for all of us in the Meteor community who aim for innovation and excellence. Stay tuned for updates as we roll out Monti APM. Together, we can make our Meteor applications stronger, faster, and error-free.

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One of the best news is Monti APM. It should be hard to give such decision but I totally agree. This is the best way to improve both parts.

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Simon Agbey

Best idea

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Carlos Alvidrez