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Discussion on: 5 Reasons to Use Ubuntu Instead of Windows

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Mark Vassilevskiy Author

Yep, in other words there’s a ton o customization and usability comparable to it has Windows. Thanks for reading!

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pacer3 • Edited on

Exactly :) average users shouldn't complain about driver issues in Linux as since they give generic drivers, u have the authority to improve on them. I feel it kind of funny that people come complaining that Linux has driver issues (since they don't know how to improve on it). If there are any, fix it yourself then. XD not saying Linux is almighty here. Nothing's perfect, but Linux definitely isn't limited (compared to windows) and especially for "custom-made" hardware's (either tailored or DIY). For people who r in R&D and create their own hardware's, Linux is definitely the way to go. Faster calculations and compilations, whereas a simple task that may take 30secs on Linux to compile may take up to hrs on Windows to compile