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How to: Pingdom super powered status sage

messutiedd profile image Eduardo Messuti ・3 min read

Pingdom is one of the most used website monitoring tools, with almost 15 years in the business. It excels at providing simple and reliable synthetics as well as real user monitoring.

This monitoring tool provides a simple public status page, but as you might have noticed it’s quite limited. It only serves as a display of your uptime and response time history, not much more than that.

Why you might need more

This are some of the reason why you might be feeling like just communicating your metrics through Pingdom's public status page might not be enough.

  • Customers expect more: Depending on how customers depend on your online services, they may already need to be notified in case of service outage or maintenance.
  • You or your team are overwhelmed: You've experienced degraded performance in your systems lately and managing to communicate and respond to all the support inquiries has proven to be inefficient.
  • You are wasting time: You write the same emails or updates time and time again whenever there is an incident or scheduled maintenance.
  • You need a private status page: Pingdom's status page is publicly available, you might want to restrict who can access your status page, this can be the case for internal tools, or private services.

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Statuspal status page with Pingdom metrics

In order to solve all the issues mentioned above, a great solution is Statuspal status pages, which integrates natively with Pingdom and enables you to keep all of its benefits but with a powerful status page.

Statuspal enables you to integrate with Pingdom in two ways:

  1. Metrics importing: Configure Statuspal to automatically pull your metrics (uptime and response time) and display them directly in your status page as beautiful charts.
  2. Incident automation: Create and close incidents automatically when your Pingdom checks go down/up, your customers can receive notifications automatically too.

Other benefits

Additionally with your Statuspal status page you'll be able to:

  • Communicate incidents and scheduled maintenance events
  • Enable your customers to subscribe to receive real-time notifications via Email, SMS, Slack, Discord, and many more.
  • Make your status page private, restrict it to only your customers or company.

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How Hard is it to Configure?

Configuring your status page in Statuspal from your Pingdom metrics couldn't be easier, it only takes a few seconds to signup for a status page, and configuring your Pingdom integrations takes only a few steps you can follow in our help article: Configure Metrics from a Pingdom Check.

If you also want to automatically create and close incidents whenever your checks fail your can also follow our 2 step guide: Configure Pingdom Monitoring for a Service.

After you have configured your status page with Pingdom integration we'll pull your metrics automatically in order to display them as well as create and close incidents automatically for you.


If you feel like Pingdom's status page is enough for you that's perfectly fine, this is the case for many, your customers might not be too dependant on your online services.

On the other hand if you identify with the pain points mentioned above, and you feel like you need a super powered Pingdom status page, Statuspal is a great choice for you.

Ready to create your status page? sign up at

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