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I built a tool to help me keep track of my job hunt - JobHuntBuddy

Michael Messerli
Full stack web developer who's first love is Laravel. Currently my focus is which helps job seekers organize their search.
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Over the past two months I've been looking for a new job and I realized how important it was to keep track of applications.

I was making a list of potential jobs, tracking which applications I've sent, and keeping notes about each lead. Instead of using Excel I wanted a web app and I've been looking for a new project for a while, so I built

Search and Filter

It's still quite early, but I believe the core functionality is there:

  • Add a Lead with a company name, job title, link to job posting, and a few more key pieces of information about the job.
  • Status - manage the status of an application so you know where in the process you are, and if there's any action you should be taking. Currently either 'Just a prospect', 'Application Sent', 'Interview Set', and 'Rejected'
  • Notes - I like to keep notes about job listings so I remember what I said in the cover letter, questions I should ask during the interview, or anything else that I don't want to forget (or confuse with a different job listing)


  1. It scratches my own itch
  2. I wanted to learn Nuxt, so I needed a new project
  3. I wanted to keep it open source as a code example, since most of my recent work is not publicly available.

The Stack

Built with Vue.js / Nuxt (SSR), using Firebase for authentication and data storage, and hosted on Heroku.


This has been a really fun project and I've learned a ton. Coming from mainly using Laravel with some Vue.js components on the front, to creating a complete application with Javascript has been a huge learning experience. I look forward to continue learning and growing with Javascript.

If have any feedback, criticisms, or anything else I look forward to answering comments!


I'm rebuilding the app using Laravel & Vue.JS. The version I talked about on this post will remain live, open source, and free. It's been moved to

Check it out for yourself:

Github: messerli90/jobhuntbuddy

Follow me on Twitter: @michaelmesserli

Discussion (9)

aregaz profile image
Illia Ratkevych

Looks cool!

kp profile image

Would love to see this implemented in Laravel and nuxt. Nice work!

messerli90 profile image
Michael Messerli Author

I think it would be fairly straightforward to port it to use a laravel backend instead of Firebase. All the API calls are in repository files and the rest of the code shouldn't care where the data comes from.

Would be interesting to see a fork that uses laravel instead, I'd actually be more comfortable with that stack but wanted to learn something new 😁

saramccombs profile image
Sara McCombs (she/her)

Love this. I actually use a Trello board for tracking my job hunting. Trello is a great tool but it does take a fair amount of managing of the board to maintain things. I like the simplicity of this project and how it’s built for the job hunt explicitly. Going to head over to the repo and check it out. I hope I can maybe share the features I have setup in my job board that I’ve found to be A+ and contribute the little I can with my personal experiences. (Unfortunately this stack isn’t anything I’m familiar with. But one can learn, right.)

messerli90 profile image
Michael Messerli Author

Trello is also a great way to organize the job hunt. I've been thinking of adding a kanban style layout to display the leads.

I hope you decide to contribute. This project has been a learning experience of the stack for me too.

mauro_codes profile image
Mauro Garcia

Nice job Michael! Did you read Refactoring UI? I recognized some Steve Schoger patterns on your UI

messerli90 profile image
Michael Messerli Author

I haven't read the book, but I definitely take a lot of inspiration from his tweets and blog posts! Good find πŸ˜….

ankit986 profile image

Nice Work Michael.

brpaz profile image
Bruno Paz

Looks really cool.

Love the tech stack. Firebase is really great for this kind of projects.