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How to use Autoclass in Cloud Storage

Autoclass is quite a powerful feature from Cloud Storage that many users are still not aware of!

If you missed the announcement post, I am borrowing a quote from the post:

To make it easier to manage storage and help you optimize your costs, we’ve developed a new Cloud Storage feature called Autoclass, which automatically moves objects based on last access time, by policy, to colder or warmer storage classes. We have seen many of you do this manually, and are excited to offer this easier and automated policy-based option to optimize Cloud Storage costs.

It is quite simple to enable it from Cloud Console UI:

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How does Autoclass work?

  • Objects are initially created in Standard storage.
  • After a period of 30 days without any access, they are automatically moved to Nearline storage.
  • If an object remains untouched for 90 days, it is then transferred to Coldline storage.
  • If the object continues to be inactive for 365 days, it is finally moved to Archive storage.
  • However, should an object be accessed at any point during this process, it will return to Standard storage, and start the process again from the beginning.

What about the Autoclass cost?

The only cost for Autoclass is a management fee of $0.0025 for every 1000 objects stored within them.

So if you are looking to reduce storage costs and achieve price predictability in a simple and automated way, Autoclass might help you!

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