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Cactochan aka Merwin
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Colorfull Terminal!!!




Was Thinking Of Making A Terminal Since The Beginning Of Me : ]

Sooo.. I made It!!

Its easy asf to install ..
It got some cool features and some cool bugs XD..
(We neeed some ppl to look into em and do pull requests lol)
And was made in python..
Soo You can also mess around it [i mean its pretty simple ;)]

Installation :

pip3 install clot-terminal # or pip install clot-terminal
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This will install the program..

You can also run with out installing ..
That would be cloning the repo and running the ..

Present Features:

  • History
  • Colorfull Foreground
  • Made for Windows and Linux users
  • Command Book [A place to notedown commands and stuff]

How to use ?

Just open your terminal and type in clot :)


Type in update to any clot session

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Type in exit

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Note :

  • This terminal may be lacking some features which others offer like , going back to previous commands. [ We be fixin it ]
  • Some tools like vim doesnt work on it... [ We will fix it]
  • The terminal is slow at printing when you run somethin which takes hella time. [ Will be def fixed]

Collabing and Donating

  • Dm on ma discord - cactochan#2004 , If you wanna give some suggestions or you wanna collab with me..

  • Duino coin - cacti

  • BNB / Eth - 0x9CE5E2179A95Ba94f1B723FbfAd4710a9891c9e3

  • Patreon - cactochan

Official Github Page -

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