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Slim framework with Swoole

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Hi PHP developers.

Does someone here tried using slim framework with swoole?
How was it? and does it make your api much faster?

Have you also tried SSR with slim?

Thank you.

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ISMAIL, Olalekan R.

Hey, I recently tried slim with swoole and the benchmark is crazy 60% or so faster than normal slim on local server, buh having issues deploying it on AWS EC2, the performance is so bad, probably am missing out something.

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Mervin Author

Nice. Thanks for your feedback

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Sergey Telpuk

Hello, for I/O doesn't make sense use swoole or another asynchronous approach. If you really want to try something new, look at the spiral/roadrunner. I'll be waiting for feedback.

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Mervin Author

Thank you. I will look into it