Best way to learn on React Native

mervinsv profile image Mervin ・1 min read

I am new in React and React Native but I'm a JS Developer and already deployed some apps in Ionic platform. I want to study react native because Ionic has a performance issue but Ionic 4 is coming and they said that it has a better performance.

React on the other side has a bigger community and no performance issue. So my question is should I stick to Ionic and wait for Ionic 4 or learn React native? And what are your recommendations in learning react native?

Thank you! :D


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Honestly it's down to you really to weigh the pros and cons and decide which technology you want to use. I won't list them here because they're well documented online.

In terms of learning, there's tons of good material out there. Look up "Spencer Carli" on YouTube and there's a plethora of Medium articles.


It's never wrong to learn new things! I'd start with learning React from their tutorial to understand the basics (React has a far smaller scope than Angular), without having to set up all the react-native-specific things. Once you have an understanding how JSX, Components, Props etc. work, dive into RN.