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How I got 1000+ followers! ⭐


In this post, I will share my journey, and how I got 1000+ followers within 1 month.

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I registered on on 5th May, 2023. Previously, I used to take notes on notebooks and Notion. One day I thought that if I could write the notes in the form of blogs, there will be an online reference of my notes and other people could also read them. Hence, I researched about different blogging platforms like Hashnode, FreeCodeCamp, Hackernoon, Blogspot etc. But I found is the best because of its widespread community.

I write about Javascript, intitially my posts got 20 to 30 views and 2-5 likes. One day, when I sold one of my project to an international client, I decided to cover the story in form of a blog. Suprisingly, that blog went viral and I got 12000+ views, 37 comments and 38 likes.

Here is the link to that blog

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That post was also featured on Google Discover feed.

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At that time, I was getting approx 100-120 new followers everyday.

New Plans

Now I love writing valuable posts on, I am fond of this platform and people around here. They write constructive comments and help each other.

I wish to develop consistency and write blogs daily.

Blog topics

  • Javascript
  • Nodejs
  • Reacjs
  • Typescript
  • Javascript Daily Quiz
  • Beautify valuable information in the form of blog post.

Thanks for reading :)

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sebastian_wessel profile image
Sebastian Wessel

I’m not reaching the 1000+ atm, but I had similar experiences in the last 5 days.
I wrote an article, which started a general discussion about something, which wasn’t my intention at all.

It is currently somewhat around 44.000 views in 5 days (rounded up). Still growing.
I also got a lot of followers - literally from 0 to a few hundred in that time.

The sad thing is, that this article, is a poor one, where I only shout out loud my feelings.

I would be more happy, if the article where I listed cool software or other articles, would be ranked like this.
10% of this attention would make me glad.
But this one isn’t moving from the 100 views at all - since weeks.

But I learned a lot about how this works, how people react, what they expect, and so on.

merudra754 profile image
Rudra Pratap

Wow great 👍

anurag_vishwakarma profile image
Anurag Vishwakarma • Edited

Thanks for sharing Rudra.

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