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Mert Demir
Mert Demir

Posted on • Updated on Search for Scoop manifests from your browser

tl;dr: Shovel is a simple web app that allows you to quickly search for Scoop manifests right from your browser.


If you develop on Windows and have not heard of Scoop before, you're in for a treat. It is a package manager developed by Luke Sampson and contributors with community maintained buckets (repositories). These contain pure json manifests that tell Scoop how to download, install and update apps. Since Scoop installs to a subfolder of your user directory by default, everything is in one place and admin privileges are not needed. Perfect for dev tools!


Incredible sense for naming, I know. Having used Homebrew before, I found that I used the Formulae page more often to search for apps than brew search. As such, I tried to do the same for Scoop, but had to revert to scoop search quite often. No search in form of a web app (that I knew of) was available, and search engine coverage of the manifests on GitHub seemed to be spotty.

Cue Shovel, an after-work project to make searching for Scoop manifests just a bit more streamlined.


Try out how Shovel fits into your workflow! Please report issues or even submit pull requests to the

  • web app repo containing the React SPA (JavaScript)
  • data repo containing the Go script that pulls all manifest data together to make it searchable client-side.

The project has mainly been a playground for me so far, i.e. containing my first steps in Go. If it can improve your workflow too, even better!

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