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How to display/output as template string?

Vesa Piittinen
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I'm trying to make prettier HTML for my tests so that they are easy to read. This means I want to write them as template strings.

The problem is that tools do not output template strings, instead giving me diffs like this:

"'\\n<ul class=\"list\">\\n    <li class=\"list-item\">\\n        <input\\n            type=\"radio\"\\n            checked=\"\"\\n            name=\"item\"\\n            value=\"1\"\\n        />\\n    </li>\\n</ul>\\n'"

Which I would like to see as:

<ul class="list">
    <li class="list-item">

I could write a custom solution but is there an existing tool for this?

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Vesa Piittinen Author • Edited

The poor man's solution... open Codepen and throw these codes:

<textarea rows="40" cols="120" style="font-family:monospace"></textarea>


document.getElementsByTagName('textarea')[0].textContent = eval(
    // copy-and-paste the above type of string here

Could automate more. Also noticed that apparently my setup for tap-nirvana isn't probably working right as I'm getting deepEqual comparisons in a very unfriendly syntax and the whole purpose for tap-nirvana is to give me pretty colors and diffs.

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Vesa Piittinen Author

Replaced tap-nirvana with tap-difflet and no more issues with double escaped strings and diffs are easier to read :)