STO Launching - How to Run the Process

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Blockchain platform
STO launching process needs start-up documentation and SEC registration at the very beginning. The registration with SEC is necessary, because before making it the seller couldn’t sell tokens legally due to US laws. Those who’re running new digital economy should consider the laws that protect investors. But this is only the first step. Besides managing these formalities the seller should manage lots of other things.
Choosing blockchain platform is also an important thing without which there will be no need in registration this business, because, it wouldn’t be successful. If you’d like to know how to launch STO open this site: http://merehead.com/blog/how-to-launch-security-token-offering-sto/. Besides blockchain platform one need a proper project team. It should consist of professional management, developers, advisors, marketers. Key-players are very important for the project, because investors pay attention to them firstly.
Then you’re to choose the type of the tokens. Clarify for youeself the functions of the tokens, it is also very important. The calculation of the expenses is needful step. Do it at the very beginning, because firstly to start you are to think over whether you have enough money for this. If you have lack of money you’d fail and waste that amount of funds you’ve already invested.


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