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Francesco Menghi
Francesco Menghi

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Collaborating via Github

After developing my new Static Site Generator dodo-SSG, I was tasked to work with a classmate to review each other's code.

Hung Nguyen posted on slack that he was looking to collaborate and that he wrote his code in Node. I quickly jumped on the opportunity since my code is also written in Node and I was very interested to see how someone else approached the same assignment.

Providing Feedback

Hung's program is called OSD600-SSG and it is similar to mine in functionality. I found the process of testing the program pretty straightforward. I cloned it, I followed the instructions on the README and everything worked as expected.

I found and filed some issues in his code and also messaged him on slack to understand his point of view. One example is this issue: the program allows as input all types of files instead of allowing only .txt files. It turns out that he misunderstood the instructions and so he wrote the program like that on purpose.

Receiving feedback

This was my first time sending my code for review to a classmate instead of submitting it to a professor. I like the fact that this activity is made to learn from others and to hopefully improve each other's code.
I received some helpful feedback such as this issue. Using the option -v or --version on my program only showed the version number without anything else. I took that feedback and I improved the output to be:

~/repos/dodo-SSG (main) % dodo-SSG -v
dodo-SSG version: 0.1.0
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It took me some time to go through Hung's code and to clearly understand all the logic behind it. Since the beginning of my studies at Seneca, I have done a lot of code writing but very little code reading. Everyone has a different coding style so I understand why big projects tend to use clear guidelines when it comes to code formatting (for example using Prettier).

Overall it was a great experience collaborating with Hung and it allowed for the both of us to go back and look at what we could have changed in our code.

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