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Menai Ala Eddine
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Ask yourself these questions before you design

Before you start designing any feature, I recommend to ask yourself these questions:

→ Who are my users?

→ What are my users trying to accomplish?

→ How do my users think about what they’re trying to accomplish?

→ What kind of experiences do my users find appealing and rewarding?

→ How should my product behave?

→ What form should my product take?

→ How will users interact with my product?

→ How can my product’s functions be most effectively organized?

→ How will my product introduce itself to first-time users?

→ How can my product put an understandable, appealing, and controllable face on technology?

→ How can my product deal with problems that users encounter?

→ How will my product help infrequent and inexperienced users understand how to accomplish their goals?

→ How can my product provide sufficient depth and power for expert users?

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