Does dev.to have a dark theme?

memphizzz profile image MemphiZ ・1 min read

As we're all devs here, and stylus doesn't provide a satisfying theme for dev.to, my first intention was to find the "dark mode" in settings. I couldn't find it though. Does dev.to not have a dark theme?
If not, can this be my first feature request? :)

I mean, its day now. But if I have to look at this bright white background later at night, I might just go crazy.


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MemphiZ Author

I just found a great alternative to Stylus: nighteye.app.
Allthough not free, you don't have to keep updating your CSS's as NightEye's aim is to provide exactly that: Dark theme for any site. And as far as I can tell its not only doing CSS but also adjusts colors in pictures, etc. I'm currently running a free trial and it works really well.

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I think there's a demand but it looks like it's not that easy

Some info here:

and on Github: github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to/...