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Great work!

There is one thing I was not able to follow. For the Android Simulators, this instruction
"Grab whatever device you want to test on, then click Next
on the x86 images tab..."

I am unable to find "Next" (is it a button, a link, or something else?). This is what it looks like on my mac:




When you first downloaded those example devices, it should have given you the ability to choose the available APIs for it (I think, I hope). Did you get a chance to choose, and if not, do you get a chance to choose if you create a new virtual device?


I didn't specifically download any devices. IIRC I just downloaded Android Studio and installed it according to the instructions.
If I create a new device, or edit an existing one, I first get to choose a "hardware profile". Once that is done, I can select a "system image", a listing of images, each corresponding to an API version such as the one in the post. Is this what I need to do then, create a new device instead?

I believe so. Try that and let me know if it works!

That works, thanks!

Just to be clear, I was able to use one of the original simulators as well. I just wanted to point out that part of the article might need some modifications.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

So you didn't have to create a new device?

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback.

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