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Adding Gitmark to lazygit

Gitmark is a way to mark your git commits to achieve finalization

Lazygit is a useful tool for those running git on the command line

Lazygit has an interesting feature which lets you add commands to key bindings. Here's how I added a gitmark workflow to lazygit

  - key: 'm'
    context: 'global'
    subprocess: true
      - type: 'menu'
        title: 'Git Mark?'
          - name: 'trial'
            description: 'trial run'
          - name: 'commit'
            description: 'commit'
            value: '--tag --send --commit'
          - name: 'init'
            description: 'init'
            value: 'init'
    command: 'git mark {{index .PromptResponses 0}}'
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