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5 CSS authors that you should read

This time is really awesome because we have a lot of resources that help us to learn CSS. Most likely everyone has a list of favorite CSS authors. So I can't miss a chance to share my list of 4 CSS authors that must be read in my opinion. Plus, you will meet an unknown newbie.

Like I said, there are plenty of experts who share knowledge. It's why the selection of authors was a hard task and I had to use the following requirements:

  • the author should publish regularly at least one post per month;
  • posts should be accessible for easy finding without mixing with other topics.

I hope you'll enjoy!

Kevin Powell

Kevin's Youtube channel is the best place where you can find new CSS things. Kevin has perfect teaching skills. It's why his video is simple to understand and interesting to watch it.

Manuel Matuzovic

Manuel also writes about new CSS things like Kevin. So If you like reading more than watching then Manuel's blog is the best alternative to Kevin's Youtube video.

Temani Afif

Temani is focused on writing tutorials with deep dive into the visual part of CSS. His tutorials with detailed description help readers to repeat the creation process of animations step by step.

Ahmad Shadeed

Ahmad created the blog that is an indisputable valuable resource if you don't have enough practice with CSS. You will find a lot of practical cases that are explained in detail.

The unknown author

The unknown author is me πŸ˜„ Sure, I'm not wanting to compare myself with CSS experts but I too contribute my 5 cents😎

I write short 230 letters CSS tips with graphics that help people to find mistakes in my opinion and fix them. So if you don't have time to read articles or watch a video you can try to check my content out.

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Domenico Tenace

Thank you for this article!
I think I'll check them all out!