HoneyBees Game of Life

melissa24 profile image Melissa Longenberger ・2 min read

So I am a student of Lambda School and have finished the Core Web Developers part of the course and have been working with Computer Science or more specifically Python for the last unit. I can tell you I am NOT a fan of python.

For the end of the 1st Computer Science Unit we have our usual end of unit Build Week (or in the part time program build weeks) and our project was to create our own version of Conway's Game of Life.

My name Melissa in Greek means Honeybee, so I wanted to change up the grid from boring 'ol square cells to hexagonal cells. Well building a hexagonal grid in react wasn't too hard since there was a cool npm package I could use. Being able to to click single hexagon cells proved to be a bit interesting. I was able to click the grid and change the whole grids color but that wasn't what I wanted to do. With some help from fellow students, and even my instructor, I was finally able to get just the single hexagon cells to click on their own.

Building the logic for the actual Game of Life however certainly proved to be more difficult that I realized and currently as of this post still not done. Since I needed to have a working application by the end of the Build Week I chose to add the boring square grid. Now don't panic I am not giving up on the hexagonal grid just yet. Like I said though I needed to turn in a working application. And I did.

So what I did was create pages in my application the boring square ones and then the hexagonal one. Check out the project here:

Now by now you are wondering what this has to do with Hacktoberfest. Well https://thecodingtrain.com has a game of life challenge on their site so although I had to do this for my school that doesn't mean I can't submit my version to their git repository and with luck eventually their site as well. So I did.

I am very proud of this project even as it stands as it is as of this post. I refuse to give up on that Hexagonal Grid. I may even add more pages for other versions. Who knows.


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