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Alexey Melezhik
Alexey Melezhik

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SparrowCI has moved to a free hosting and here are consequences

So, finally I decided to move SparrowCI to a free hosting, goodbuy Hetzner cloud - cause for personal reasons the provider is no longer in my budget, but thanks to Oracle cloud that gives me 24 GB RAM / 4 CPUs ARM VM for free!

Consequences number 1

SparrowCI will stay, at least as long as Oracle gives users some free hosting, which is considered as good news!

Consequences number 2

And this is why you might bother - SparrowCI workers images are changed from AMD to ARM architecture and your pipelines will break, but here is an easy fix for this:

Change docker images according to the following table.

OS Image
Alpine melezhik/sparrow:alpine_arm
Debian melezhik/sparrow:debian_arm
Ubuntu melezhik/sparrow:ubuntu_arm

Consequence number 3

Multiple Rakudo versions tests are no longer possible as there is no Rakudo distribution yet available for ARM architecture, so you'll end up with such an error:

Couldn't find a precomp release for OS: "linux", 
architecture: "arm64", version: "2022.04"
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So, meanwhile, one can test against a default (compiled from source) Rakudo version which is 2023.08, so a typical pipeline would be:

    name: zef-build
    language: Bash
    default: true
    code: |
      set -e
      cd source/
      zef install --deps-only --/test .
      zef test .
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Elizabeth Mattijsen

Please use the #rakulang tag :-)

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Alexey Melezhik

sure, changed!