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Testing Powershell code with Tomty framework.

There is more then one way to test it ...

How to test Powershell modules using Perl6 and Tomty

Welcome Tomty

Tomty is a Sparrow6 based testing framework, written in Perl6. We use it to write tests.


zef install Tomty


Write Powershell module


function Hello {


  Write-Host Hello $name

Write wrapper

mkdir -p .tomty/tasks/test-hello


Import-Module hello
$name = config 'name'
Hello -name $name


generator: print "Hello ".( config()->{name} )

Write test

tomty --edit test-hello

task-run ".tomty/tasks/test-hello", %( name => "Sparrow6" )

Run test

PSModulePath=$PWD/modules tomty test-hello

02:47:26 07/27/2019 [repository] index updated from file:///home/melezhik/repo/api/v1/index
02:47:26 07/27/2019 [.tom/tasks/test-hello] Hello Sparrow6
[task check] stdout match <Hello Sparrow6> True

Run more tests

Once you have more tests, you run them all:

tomty --all

See Tomty documentation for other options.

Thank you for reading. I'd appreciate comments.

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