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Future of C# Event: Submit your questions here!

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About the Event

Join us for a fantastic session with Mads Torgersen as we cover the new features of C#9.0, the future of the language and some of the amazing features built for you.

We have limited time, but we'd love to get your questions answered. If you see a question already posed below you want to see answered, please help us prioritize by adding a heart.

What now?

  1. πŸ—“ Register here for the event and review our Code of Conduct.
  2. πŸ“¬ Post your questions now in the comments to hear Mads' answers during the event.
  3. πŸ“Ί Join us here at 2:00PM GMT on September 17th to see the live event!


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Are the plans to make null conditional (object?.thing) and null coalescent (??, ??=) operators more consistent with the behaviour of boolean null comparison? (e.g.) If the '==' operator is overloaded on specific objects to treat them as null and return a true for null comparison (even when they aren't actually).

Imho, given that both operators are essentially syntactic sugar over comparison with null, it makes sense to have them run the the overloaded logic for the == operator if one exists for the object.

C# after all is a very cohesive language ;-)

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Conrad Akunga

I have concerns that the rate at which C# and - the .NET platform in general - is developing faster than developers are able to keep up with. There are so many changes, many of them fundamental that developers, especially new ones have no idea how to proceed. What, if any, plans do you have to address the stability of the language and underlying platform.

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Mandar Karnik

Its regarding init; Can We use set; get; init; altogether?

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I'm really interested to know what is the cost of record vs class, if any?

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Might there be a case for using TypeScript instead C# as the primary templating language for Blazor to encourage faster adoption for frontend developers?