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Converting an Internship to PPO or a full-time opportunity. 💼🏢

1️⃣ Understand what the company and manager expect from you. Be present in the conversations with your team and figure out ways in which your work can help towards solving the problem or executing an idea that your manager plans to implement. Contribute your own ideas as well.

2️⃣ Offer to help your teammates beyond your work scope as well. If you want to have long-term relationships with anyone in your life, you must go the extra mile, the same applies at your workplace. And of course, do ask for help when you need it.

3️⃣ Say "Yes" more than "No". There will be various situations where you might be compelled to say "No" but make sure you offer an alternative "Yes" statement and a genuine reason why you cannot do a certain task that is assigned to you. An 80:20 ratio is good towards Yes: No

4️⃣ Don't be afraid to make risky decisions. All your decisions might not be correct and it might influence you into overthinking the impact of it on your company. But focus on the learning part more. Also, consider taking advice from your teammates and managers in the decision.

5️⃣ Pay attention to your 1:1 (s) with your managers. Listen to the feedback carefully, and make notes about your strengths and weaknesses. If no weakness is pointed out, ask them yourself. It not only helps you improve but also lets your bosses know that you are willing to learn.

6️⃣ Avoid worrying too much about the payscale vs the work you are doing. If you are capable and hardworking enough, the management will take care of the rest. Just be consistent and responsible towards the tasks assigned. The money and promotion will follow.

7️⃣ Network and collaborate outside your department as well. Build meaningful relationships with people across teams. It will help you gain visibility and institutional knowledge. But, avoid getting involved in office politics and gossip while you do so.

8️⃣ Try to attend the happy hour sessions or other fun activities conducted for the employees. It helps in building connections with colleagues from other departments and also lets your HR know that you are taking part in stuff outside your work as well.

9️⃣Always stay close to your immediate senior coworker. Make sure to accompany them in the meetings they attend or events they go to. You will learn a lot from the way they work and their daily routine. It will also prepare you for your future full-time opportunity.

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