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FULL LIST- React & React Native: The champions of meetups in April 2022

There was a lot going on in April in terms of meetups all over the world. Let’s see what the top 8 meetup videos were this month. You can find out more about accessibility, how to learn React Native as a junior, AR apps, using SVG, libraries, debugging and much more! Check this list and broaden your horizon today.

React Native Accessibility Basics | Nivedita Singh
Nivedita shares what she has learned about accessibility and its implication in the past few months. This talk will be about the basics of accessibility. Why should we even care about accessibility? Some guidelines that were set up to ensure that this is implemented well. Also, how Android and iOS natively allow developers to make accessible apps. And then, join a deep discussion on allied tools.

Learning React Native as a Junior Engineer | Erin Fox
Learn how you can master React Native as a beginner. What exactly is it? How does it work for iOS AND Android? Not only can you make universal components and save hundreds of lines of code, it allows developers to reuse code across the web and mobile all with a smooth UI.

Strategies For Using React Native In A Brownfield App | Harry Tormey
What is hot reloading? It is the ability to push over the air updates to published apps and the promise of having your app “just work” out of the box on Android as well as iOS. This makes React Native a tempting proposition for frontend developers. But what do you do when you have to integrate React Native into a large existing native code base? This talk is from the perspective of an experienced native iOS developer who has worked with React Native to ship several cross-platform Greenfield and brownfield apps.

Building AR Apps with React Native | Vladimir Novick
With the release of ARKit and ARCore by Apple and Google we see various Augmented reality apps created for iOS and Android. Have you ever wondered how you can create such apps in React Native? In this talk we will see how it can be done fairly easily.

Craving for more? Check the full list here.

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