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Shamanth Shetty for Kern AI

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AI-assisted newsletter dashboard

Hey there everyone, hope you’re having a great day 😊 We would like to share a few things about our workshop at the datalift summit last week. "AI-assisted newsletter dashboard" is the title of the workshop we had hosted at the datalift summit. We used a streamlit frontend with a minimal fastAPI backend, which is not only really fun to program but also ridiculously fast to set up. The data was collected over a couple of months, where we settled on three newsletters which were really interesting. BERT embeddings power the recommendations and similarity search. They are also the foundation for the topic classification of the application.

The best part ? It is python only and we got it all on GitHub ready for you to explore, so check it out! There are also tons of improvements to be made, we left a little inspiration in the repo for you to start with right away. Let’s start collaborating to build better AI solutions together ✌🏻

Link to our GitHub 👉🏼

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