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Ho Ho Ho! My JavaScriptmas solutions

Josephine Mettam
Business analyst re-discovering my love of code
Updated on ・2 min read

At the beginning of 2020, my life looked very different. I lived in Melbourne, Australia, in a cushy job as an IT Business Analyst/Project Manager. My family and I were excited about planning for a big adventure - this was the year we were going to pack up and try our luck on the other side of the world!

Fast forward twelve months and, like many people, 2020 has turned things upside down for me. I now live in Utrecht, Netherlands. I'm out of work and I'm looking after my son full time while the country and, therefore, his school is in lockdown.

With so much change, it's inevitable that the question comes bubbling up: what's next!

While I was pondering this big ol' quandary, I started playing around on a few coding platforms and rediscovered an interest in coding - something I've not done since my uni days.

I stumbled across Scrimba's Advent calendar and I'm so happy I have. I've really enjoyed the challenges and thinking of different ways of solving them. Some of my solutions may not be the most elegant, but I'm pretty happy with how I've gone (with the one exception of the dice roll - though hopefully I'll get a chance to revisit that one and make it a bit prettier!).

This is exactly the sort of challenge I need - something practical but not overwhelming. I will definitely be keeping my eye on future Scrimba challenges!

Merry Christmas!

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Hey Josephine, I don't mean to intrude, but if you are looking for a job. The company where I work is hiring developers. It is in Utrecht. Send me a message if you might be interested. I am not sure about language, if you need to speak Dutch (Do you?). But I can check of course. Cheers, Simone

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