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Introducing wtfuzz: A video series about testing and open learning

carolstran profile image Carolyn Stransky Originally published at Updated on ・1 min read

Any other JavaScript developers out there feel like they can write tests, but don't necessarily understand the underlying concepts? 🙋‍♀️

Yeah, me too.

And this was exactly what I told my boss when I started as an Open Source Engineer at Meeshkan earlier this month. I've been working as a frontend developer for the past two years and I've written a lot of tests, but I never took the time to really learn the fundamentals.

A large part of my role at Meeshkan will be building and maintaining Unmock, an open-source library to help you fuzz test your REST API calls. So because I will need to learn these things anyway, my boss was like... Why don't you create a YouTube series and learn out in the open?

My reaction: 😬😬😬😅 Ok!

So that's why we're launching a new YouTube series called wtfuzz. The series will be a collection of 5-minute videos all about testing basics, a deep dive into fuzz testing, how to use unmock-js and whatever else pops up during my onboarding.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, please subscribe to the Unmock YouTube channel and comment on this post with any topics you think we should cover. We'll also be publishing transcripts of each episode here on

See you on YouTube 👋


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If you will use

it will show up as a video in the main feed (with screenshot)


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Carolyn Stransky Author

Ahhhh wait but then you have to upload a video file and I want to embed the YouTube video 😞 Oh well, still go to know!

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Carolyn Stransky Author

You're so great Slava thank you 🙏

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I am very excited for this initiative! Good luck and I will be watching!

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Carolyn Stransky Author

Eeeek thank you!! If you have any topics you want to see, let me know 😁

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Aravind Balla

Awesome! All the best. Looking forward to learn a lot from you 😁