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The Best Software Testing Blogs/Websites to Follow

Software testing is one of the most notable and precious work domain in the field of Computer science and product development. It is not only about discovering bugs in the software but to improve the quality and user experience. Also, there is no alternative to quality because it brings a direct impact on the business and customers.

If you are a software engineer and wish to enter into quality or validation or the testing domain, then it is essential to know about the testing process and tools. There are numerous offline and online learning resources available to master testing skills. But only a handful of them is useful or which can guide you in the right direction.

Hence, in this short post, we bring you the Gems of the Software Testing Domain. These are Top Blogs and Websites which provide tutorials, guides, and books to increase your knowledge. You can get quick help and solve real-time problems. You can refer to these blogs and update yourself with all that you need to know about testing.


If you are seeking a blog that is precisely for quality assurance and software testing, then SoftwareTestingHelp is the rightest place. It is the best testing blog and used by millions of users every month. It covers almost every single topic linked to the testing domain. It provides state of the art tutorials that are meant for anyone, either a newbie or experienced ones. It also offers interview questions and quizzes for practice.


When you want a blend of Software testing and test automation, then nothing comes near to what TechBeamers offer. It is the most favorite site for test engineers, automation testing, and programmers. Here, you'll find some of the best tutorials on manual software testing, automation testing using both Selenium Java and Selenium Python. The team of this site makes sure that their content explains the testing concepts in a crystal clear and super simple manner. Many of its posts use flowcharts, pictures, source code, and sample programs to convey the most relevant information. And, hence, millions of user around the globe visits and cherish the excellent learning experience at TechBeamers.

Google’s Testing Blog

Software testing is quite important, but sometimes it could be frustrating. The frustration comes from working on complicated scenarios, like concurrency, but usually, it arises from a thousand tiny cuts. And that's where Google Testing Blog pitches in and gives testers insights into testing at a grander scale. It offers an array of products and provides tools to experiment with different testing techniques.

Atlassian Software Testing

This blog too covers more topics than just software testing. It aims to increases value for both QA and dev teams. Atlassian teams keep experimenting to solve various testing challenges and share ideas/solution on the bog. The blog talks about how to make an impact on software quality. You must read their series of articles on testing to go through Atlassian’s approach to validation.

Sticky Minds

It is another widespread testing community-driven blog. The community, along with TechWell manage this software testing blog. Each of its segment gets updated with a new article every week. It is an ideal fit for both beginners as well as expert testers improve their skills and discover what is unique in the testing domain. It also hosts a Q & A division where you can see all your doubts clarified by a forum of specialist testers.

Software Testing Fundamentals

SOFTWARE TESTING Fundamentals is a learning platform to obtain (or refresh) basic knowledge in the area of Software Testing. The site says that it is of the testers, by the testers, and for the testers. Its goal is to create a resourceful pool of Quality Content on Quality.

Some More Blogs

There are a few more cool testing blogs which you might like to read:

-Software Testing Material

-The QASymphony Blog

-uTest | The Professional Network for Testers

-QA Journal

-Software Testing Tricks

If you also know a software testing blog that could add value to the testing fraternity, then please let us know via comments. Also, you can share good/bad experiences of the mentioned ones as well.

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Thanks for sharing the awesome idea. it really shows your efforts for software testing. Really awesome

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Thank your for sharing amazing article on testing. Really amazing. Keep sharing such an informative stuff.

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