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Why they don't teach this?

Being a self taught programmer you know the reality of online coding tutorials and projects based courses.
Coming to the point always i had a question that why they don't teach which is Actually more beneficial than making a CRUD application every single time.
In every project based tutorials things are playing around CRUD operations. But why? I think we can do something better than this.
Let me tell you with an example.
I don't want to take the channel name but recently on youtube i was watching a tutorial named "clone of Instagram in react and firebase". I watched it and i found that they left me with the code for posting and saving pictures in realtime with very basic authentication system. Thats all, here is your Instagram clone.

And there are number of online tutorial or paid udemy courses are available to waste our time.
I know crud is necessary but there are plenty of people already did that so you please do something new.
Now when ever someone says "clone" of something i give a nice "😁" thats it.

According to me do at least these useful things.

  1. Always setup your project with docker. (must)
  2. Break the wall of CRUD operations and go behind the wall. For ex. In Instagram clone don't teach how to handle 5M request per sec but at least teach "how to have that save image feature" in your clone and you Should be able to view those images later.
  3. Add at least one new feature.
  4. Try to write production similar code. Well organized code.
  5. Teach version control
  6. Always keep updated code in your videos or blogs.

Do all this your students will not tired giving you kisses and hugs.


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