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Chinmay Anand
Chinmay Anand

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Ready to use, Rock solid auth system for your frontend.

long time no see. お久しぶりです。🤦‍♂️
Sorry for that, すみません。🤷‍♂️
Well this time i am giving you my rock solid auth system built up using nodejs, express, mongodb as database, joi as validation, password and jwt for token side work.🤖

this is ready to use and tested on my react based client. i am putting the link for both the repo, please go, check and use it and make some good PR if you can. don't forget to follow and leave a star on github. and here as well.❤👏👍

in future i will continue to provide the my custom built repos like this. recently i am working on graphql based auth system will post that also soon. and there is also react-native project is also in queue. so there will be so much learn from now. 😎✔

i am planning to post all this on youtube as well so it will be more useful for all you. and i will be able to help a bit more there.🎉🎉👀🤞


in this mern_auth_frontend i have also added an automatic logout feature. please checkout and make it more attractive.😎🎆

Thank you, and see you next time. 🎉

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