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My last post is rocking...!!!(clone of

Well my last post this
is rocking. so now i decided to make clone of in near future using MERN stack. there is a possibility that i might use graphql and apollo server too and firebase for authentication. lets see...

if i will start this series then i am thinking to put video on youtube channel so everyone can see it can follow along. later then we will manage this a open source project.

i do not have any team so it will take alot of time of me.

if anyone want to do it (making clone of me or wanna help me or get into my team please let me know.

Technologies we will use:

  1. Reactjs for client side (with various suiteable dependencies)
  2. nodejs and mongodb db for backend
  3. we might use graphql too
  4. we will try to manage some microservices
  5. we will use firebase for photouploads
  6. there is a possibility that we will not handle authentication by ourself we will hand over this to firebase.
  7. and last but not the least we will not give up NEVER EVER.

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Drew Bragg

Not sure why this has the #ruby tag 🤔