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Chinmay Anand
Chinmay Anand

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My github 30 days commit challenge

Well few days before like every developer in their carrier i also decided to commit code to github every single day for the next 30 days.
And then...
I think all of you know what is result is?

I am not able to do it till now but i know one day surly i will achieve this.

Reason why i am not able to do it till now?
Ans: only and only because i have this thing in my mind in double quotes that i have to commit every single day.

I think every one Should try this challenge because this will make your github prettier than beforeπŸ˜…

My tips to achieve this:

  1. Wake up early and exercise
  2. Start coding as soon as you can start

If you want to see till where i have done this then have a look at my github profile.

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