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The beginning of a beautiful friendship with Javascript... hopefully

Randi Schreiner
I am just beginning in my software engineering journey and learning something new every day. Proud mom, wife and geek.
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Hi, again! Just finished phase 4 at Flatiron and learned some Javascript and built a single-page application using Javascript front-end and Ruby/Rails back-end. I can officially say that Javascript and I have some more work to do on our relationship! It feels like a language you can never fully understand - but maybe that's just me! Either way, Javascript and I teamed up and completed our goal so it all worked out in the end!

There were a few key things I struggled with in the beginning and still probably need a little work on.


I found myself losing track of what this was going to be in any place. Console.log became my savior! After awhile, I found myself getting better at figuring this out, but execution context is a difficult concept to master when your program starts getting bigger and bigger!

event listeners

Sometimes I struggled with getting the information I needed out of an event listener. Again, console.log came in handy here as well as just plain old guess work! Sometimes to get to the specific areas I needed, it took a little manipulation but I usually got there eventually!


This one I'm sure I still haven't mastered! I definitely need to read up on this!

Take a look at my Travel Tips App on my GitHub and give me suggestions and advice!
Live on GitHub Pages Link

front-end Link
back-end Link

Thanks to anyone following me on this journey and good luck and all my support to anyone embarking on their own! Reach out if you need support, I'm here :)

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